Debbie Franklin

I live in Banning, about a 45 minute drive from Tri Star Dental. There are many good dentists’ offices between my home and Tri Star. I make the drive willingly though, because of my dentist, Dr. Hoang. Many years ago he took over the practice of my brother in law who was retiring. I did not know what to expect as I have a large dislike for anything having to do with dental work. Dr. Hoang made the transfer a seamless one. His personal manner is one that puts a person at ease before he starts his examination. His care in doing whatever needs to be done, whether it is a cleaning, filling a cavity, or whatever else needs to be done is extraordinary. He makes a person feel like he really cares about not only one’s dental health, but about you as a person.

He works to reduce any discomfort one might feel, and discusses everything he will do before he starts, so you know what is happening. As a person who did not even see a dentist until I was in my late twenties, I have had to have quite a bit of dental work. Some of it was quite extensive. Dr. Hoang worked on making me comfortable with the options available to me so that I was able to get the work needed to keep my teeth healthy.

Dr. Hoang is punctual, which is a big plus for me, with many obligations. His entire staff is friendly and courteous, no doubt because he is also.

Dr. Hoang has treated my daughters and they too like his “bedside” manner. One daughter moved to Texas and stated she missed being able to see him as her dentist. Dr. Hoang cares about all of his clients.

In addition, Dr. Hoang is community minded. He supports programs that aid in promoting dental health, even for people who are not his clients. For several years he has supplied toothbrushes for children in a Christmas program who do not have access to a dentist.

Quite simply, I work to take care of my teeth, not only because they are mine, but because Dr. Hoang cares too.