The Muro Family

My husband and I truly recommend Tri Star Family Dental Group for their dental services. My family and I have been going to their offices since December of 2010.

Their office is clean, well lit and the ladies in the front reception area, Claudia and Nancy are very cordial and friendly in person and over the telephone. They answer all of your questions and always have a welcoming 
smile when you first walk in to the office.

Dr. Hoang is a wonderful dentist. He loves what he does. He is very professional and his work is outstanding. Two years ago I had a bridge done and I have been very satisfied with the work that was performed. I’ve had no problems with it. He is very good with children also. My 12 year old son had orthodontic work done. His teeth are beautiful. My 3 1/2 year old son recently sat still thru x-rays and the polishing of his teeth with no problem. He was very comfortable. Moms, bring your kids in!

The dental hygienists, Jennifer and Maria are great. They do a great job in cleaning, polishing and checking our teeth and they tell us what we need to work on.

Yolanda the finance advisor is also very nice. She works with the patients and helps out with the financial part of the dental services that are needed.

Last but not least, registered dental assistant Trish and dental assistants Toni and the other ladies greet us with a smile and make us feel comfortable. All these wonderful employees of Dr. Hoang are an extraordinary group of people. Teamwork. That’s what makes this dental office a great place to meet your dental needs.

The Muro Family